Instance Property


The end-state of this participant in the match.


var matchOutcome: GKTurnBasedMatch.Outcome { get set }


Initially, this property holds GKTurnBasedMatch.Outcome.none. Before your game can end a match, it must set the match outcome to a value that reflects the outcome of this participant when he or she left the match. See GKTurnBasedMatch.Outcome. Optionally, it may also use an OR operation to include a custom match outcome for your specific game. Game Center does not use the custom value; it exists to allow your game to store its own information about the end of the match. The custom value must fit in the range provided by the GKTurnBasedMatch.Outcome.customRange constant.

See Also

Setting the Match Outcome

enum GKTurnBasedMatch.Outcome

The state the participant was in when they left the match.