The state the participant is in during the match.


enum Status : Int



case unknown

The participant is in an unexpected state.

case invited

The participant was invited to the match, but has not responded to the invitation.

case declined

The participant declined the invitation to join the match. When a participant declines an invitation to join a match, the match is automatically terminated.

case matching

The participant represents an unfilled position in the match that Game Center promises to fill when needed. When you make this participant the next person to take a turn in the match, Game Center fills the position and updates the status and playerID properties.

case active

The participant has joined the match and is an active player in it.

case done

The participant has exited the match. Your game sets the matchOutcome property to state why the participant left the match.

See Also

Participant Information

var lastTurnDate: Date?

The date and time that this participant last took a turn in the game.

var player: GKPlayer?

The GKPlayer object that identifies this participant.

var status: GKTurnBasedParticipant.Status

The current status of the participant.

var timeoutDate: Date?

The date and time that the participant’s turn timed out.

var playerID: String?

The player identifier for this participant.