Instance Method


Starts communication with other participants in a channel.


func start()


When start is called, the app first confirms that it has permission to use the microphone. If this is the first time that the app has tried to access the microphone, a pop-up queries the user for their permission to use voice chat. If the user declines permission, the active flag remains false and access is not granted.

After permission is given by the user, the voice chat object connects to the channel and notifies other players connected to the channel that the local player joined the chat. While connected, voice data from other players is played automatically. If the player is connected to the channel and the voice chat object’s isActive property is true, then the microphone is sampled and the data sent to the channel.

A device only connects to a channel when the device has a microphone and is connected via wi-fi. However, your game may configure and start a voice chat channel when the device is not currently capable of using voice chat. If conditions change to allow voice chat—for example, the device connects to a wi-fi network—the GKVoiceChat object then automatically connects to the channel.

See Also

Starting and Stopping Voice Chat

func stop()

Ends communication with the channel.