Manages periodic update messages for all component objects of a specified class.


@interface GKComponentSystem<__covariant ComponentType> : NSObject


A GKComponentSystem object manages periodic update messages for components in a game that uses Entity-Component architecture. Use a component system to perform per-frame logic for all components of a specific class without traversing your game’s object hierarchy to dispatch update messages.

Each GKComponentSystem object manages components of a specific GKComponent subclass. You create a component system with the initWithComponentClass: initializer, specifying the component class it will work with. Then, you register the components used by the entities in your game with the addComponent: or addComponentWithEntity: methods. The component system will then forward any component-specific messages it receives to all registered instances of its component class.

The most important of the component-specific messages is the updateWithDeltaTime: method. Call this method from your game’s update/render loop—that is, from a method such as update: (SpriteKit) or renderer:updateAtTime: (SceneKit), or from a CADisplayLink (iOS) or CVDisplayLinkRef (macOS) timer in a custom rendering engine. The component system then forwards to the updateWithDeltaTime: method of all the GKComponent subclass instances it manages, allowing those objects to perform per-frame update logic.

For more information on Entity-Component architecture, read Entities and Components in GameplayKit Programming Guide.


Creating a Component System

- initWithComponentClass:

Initializes a component system to manage components of the specified class.

Managing a List of Components


The class of components managed by the component system.


The component system’s list of components.

- addComponent:

Adds a component instance to the component system.

- addComponentWithEntity:

Adds any instances of the component system’s component class in the specified entity to the component system.

- removeComponent:

Removes the specified component instance from the component system.

- removeComponentWithEntity:

Removes any instances of the component system’s component class in the specified entity from the component system.

Performing Periodic Updates

- updateWithDeltaTime:

Tells all component instances managed by the system to perform their custom periodic actions.

Accessing Components With Subscript Syntax

- objectAtIndexedSubscript:

Returns the component at the specified index in the system’s list of components.


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Entities and Components


An object relevant to gameplay, with functionality entirely provided by a collection of component objects.


The abstract superclass for creating objects that add specific gameplay functionality to an entity.