Instance Method


Returns the cost to travel from this node to the specified, directly connected, node.


- (float)costToNode:(GKGraphNode *)node;



A node from this node’s connectedNodes list.

Return Value

The real cost of travel along the specified connection; higher values indicate higher cost.


The GKGraph class uses this method in pathfinding between nodes—the findPathFromNode:toNode: method finds the lowest-cost path between a specified pair of nodes. For the GKGraphNode base class, the cost of travel along any connection is 1, so the findPathFromNode:toNode: method simply counts connections, finding the path that involves traveling through the fewest number of nodes. Because the subclasses GKGraphNode2D and GKGridGraphNode add geometry information to each node, those classes’ implementation of this method calculates the distance between nodes in 2D space, and the findPathFromNode:toNode: method finds the path with the minimum total distance traveled.

Subclasses can implement this method to add other information to the cost. For example, a game might use higher costs to represent travel through regions of a map that are difficult for a character to traverse.

See Also

Computing Traversal Costs

- estimatedCostToNode:

Returns an underestimate of the cost of travel from this node to the specified node.