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A navigation graph for 2D game worlds that creates a space-filling network for smooth pathfinding around obstacles.


class GKMeshGraph<NodeType> : GKGraph where NodeType : GKGraphNode2D


To use a mesh graph for pathfinding, add a collection of GKObstacle objects representing impassable areas and GKGraphNode2D objects representing points of interest (such as the current position of a game character and the location it needs to find a route to). Then use methods of the superclass GKGraph to find routes through the graph.

Unlike the related GKObstacleGraph class, a mesh graph creates a space-filling network of graph nodes, resulting in paths that are smooth but not the most efficient.

To learn more about graphs and pathfinding, see Pathfinding in GameplayKit Programming Guide.


Creating a Graph

init(bufferRadius: Float, minCoordinate: vector_float2, maxCoordinate: vector_float2, nodeClass: AnyClass)

Initializes a graph to cover the specified area, using the specified node class.

Working with Obstacles

var obstacles: [GKPolygonObstacle]

The list of obstacle objects in the graph, each of which describes a polygon-shaped impassable area.

func addObstacles([GKPolygonObstacle])

Adds new obstacles to the graph.

func removeObstacles([GKPolygonObstacle])

Removes the specified obstacle from the graph.

Working with Nodes

func connectUsingObstacles(node: NodeType)

Adds the specified node to the graph, connecting it to its nearest neighbors without creating connections that pass through obstacles or their buffer regions.

var bufferRadius: Float

The distance from obstacle edges that should also be considered impassable.

Managing the Mesh

func triangulate()

Creates or updates the graph with a network of nodes that describes the open space around its obstacles.

var triangulationMode: GKMeshGraphTriangulationMode

A set of options for how to place graph nodes when triangulating the graph.

func triangle(at: Int) -> GKTriangle

The triangle definition at the specified index.

var triangleCount: Int

The number of triangles in the mesh.


struct GKMeshGraphTriangulationMode

Options for how to place graph nodes when generating the graph, used by the triangulationMode property.

struct GKTriangle

The definition of a triangle in the mesh, available with the triangle(at:) method.


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See Also


class GKGraph

A collection of nodes that describes the navigability of a game world and provides pathfinding methods to search for routes through that space.

class GKObstacleGraph

A navigation graph for 2D game worlds that creates a minimal network for precise pathfinding around obstacles.

class GKGridGraph

A navigation graph for 2D game worlds where movement is constrained to an integer grid.

class GKGraphNode

A single node in a navigation graph for use in pathfinding.

class GKGraphNode2D

A node in a navigation graph, associated with a point in continuous 2D space.

class GKGraphNode3D

A node in a navigation graph, associated with a point in continuous 3D space.

class GKGridGraphNode

A node in a navigation graph, associated with a position on a discrete two-dimensional grid.