Initializes a noise map by sampling from the specified noise object.


convenience init(_ noise: GKNoise)



The noise object from which to create a noise map.

Return Value

A new noise map object.


This initializer is equivalent to calling the init(_:size:origin:sampleCount:seamless:) initializer with a size of 1.0 x 1.0, an origin of [0, 0], a sample grid size of 100 x 100, and a seamless parameter of false.

GKNoiseSource and GKNoise objects are lightweight descriptions of noise generation and processing parameters. When you create a noise map from a noise object, GameplayKit performs the computation described by those objects to create an grid of noise sample values. You can then read those values (or interpolated values at non-integral positions on that grid) with the methods listed in Accessing Noise Values, or use the SKTexture or SKTileMap classes to generate texture images or tile maps from the generated noise.

See Also

Creating a Noise Map

init(GKNoise, size: vector_double2, origin: vector_double2, sampleCount: vector_int2, seamless: Bool)

Initializes a noise map by sampling from the specified noise object, with the specified parameters.


Initializes a noise map with a constant noise value of zero throughout.