Initializes a rule with the specified predicate.


init(predicate: NSPredicate)



A predicate to be tested when evaluating the rule.

Return Value

A new predicate-based rule object.


Rules based on NSPredicate objects typically test information in the state dictionary of the rule system evaluating the rule. For example, the following code creates a rule you might use to determine whether an enemy character in a game behaves aggressively.

// MyNSPredicateRule is a GKNSPredicateRule subclass
let healthTest = NSPredicate(format: "$ > 50")
let rule = MyNSPredicateRule(predicate: healthTest)

This example presumes the rule system’s state dictionary contains an object for the key player, which in turn exposes a numeric value for the key health. The GKNSPredicateRule class by itself does nothing in its performAction(in:) method—to create actions for predicate-based rules, you must subclass GKNSPredicateRule.

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