Instance Method


Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the specified nodes are protected from disconnection due to the addition of obstacles.


func isConnectionLocked(from startNode: NodeType, to endNode: NodeType) -> Bool



A node in the graph.


Another node in the graph to which the node startNode is directly connected.

Return Value

true if the connection between the specified nodes has been locked with the lockConnection(from:to:) method; otherwise, false.


By default, adding obstacles with the addObstacles(_:) method disconnects pairs of nodes if the direct path between them intersects an obstacle. This behavior ensures that using the findPathBetweenNodes:toNode: method does not result in a path through the graph that crosses obstacles. With certain nodes, this behavior might not be desirable—use the lockConnection(from:to:) method to protect a connection between nodes from being automatically destroyed and the unlockConnection(from:to:) method to remove such protection.

See Also

Locking Node Connections

func lockConnection(from: NodeType, to: NodeType)

Prevents the specified nodes from being disconnected due to the addition of obstacles.

func unlockConnection(from: NodeType, to: NodeType)

Allows the specified nodes to be disconnected due to the addition of obstacles.