Initializes a path using the positions of the specified graph nodes.


init(graphNodes: [GKGraphNode], radius: Float)



An array of graph node objects containing 2D points.


The radius of the path.

Return Value

A new path object.


Use this initializer to turn a list of nodes from a navigation graph (as returned by the GKGraphfindPath(from:to:) method) into a path-following goal for an agent. If the nodes are GKGraphNode2D objects, this initializer creates a 2D path; if the nodes are GKGraphNode3D objects, this initializer creates a 3D path.

The radius parameter defines the space occupied by the path—think of this space as the area created by sweeping a circle (or sphere, for 3D paths) of the specified radius along the path from vertex to vertex. Agents with path-related goals will attempt to move to or stay within this area.

To use the newly created path to constrain an agent’s behavior, create a goal with the init(toStayOn:maxPredictionTime:) or init(toFollow:maxPredictionTime:forward:) method.