Instance Property


The list of rules to be executed when evaluating the system.


@property(nonatomic, retain, readonly) NSArray<GKRule *> *rules;


This array holds all rules under consideration by the system—that is, the union of the agenda and executed lists. The agenda holds the rules to be considered when evaluating the system, listed in order of their salience values (or, for rules with the same salience, the order in which they were added to the system). During evaluation of the rule system, if a rule on the agenda list is satisfied (that is, its predicate returns YES and it executes its action) the system moves that rule to the executed list.

Changing the salience of a rule already in the rule system does not adjust its position in the agenda, but does determine the order of the new agenda when resetting the system.

See Also

Managing a System’s List of Rules

- addRule:

Adds the specified rule to the system.

- addRulesFromArray:

Adds the specified list of rules to the system.

- removeAllRules

Removes all rules from the system.