Instance Method


Returns the membership grade of the specified fact.


- (float)gradeForFact:(id<NSObject>)fact;



An object representing a truth claimed or rejected by the rule system. For details, see the facts property.

Return Value

A value in the range [0.0, 1.0] representing the fact’s membership grade.


Each fact has a membership grade ranging from zero to 1.0, representing variable levels of truth, strength, or confidence for use in fuzzy logic. Use the methods listed in Asserting and Retracting Facts to add or remove facts and set their membership grade—asserting a fact increases its grade, adding it to the array if not present; retracting a set reduces its grade, removing it from the array if its grade drops to zero.

If the specified fact is not in the facts array, this method returns 0.0.

See Also

Drawing Conclusions from Facts

- minimumGradeForFacts:

Returns the lowest membership grade among the specified facts.

- maximumGradeForFacts:

Returns the highest membership grade among the specified facts.