A spherical impassable volume to be avoided by agents.


class GKSphereObstacle : GKObstacle


To make agents (GKAgent objects) avoid obstacles, create a goal with the init(toAvoid:maxPredictionTime:) method. Agents affected by an avoid-obstacles goal will attempt to move such that their radius never overlaps that of a spherical obstacle.

To learn more about using goals and agents, see Agents, Goals, and Behaviors in GameplayKit Programming Guide.


Creating an Obstacle

init(radius: Float)

Initializes a spherical obstacle with the specified radius.

Placing an Obstacle

var position: vector_float3

The position of the obstacle.

var radius: Float

The radius of the obstacle.


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class GKObstacle

The abstract base class for objects representing impassable areas in a game world.

class GKCircleObstacle

A circular impassable area to be avoided by agents.

class GKPolygonObstacle

A polygon-shaped impassable area in a 2D game world.