A lighting and shading system that supports reflection mapping for use in shader-based OpenGL rendering.


class GLKReflectionMapEffect : GLKBaseEffect


In addition to any of the properties provided by the GLKBaseEffect class, your application must also configure the properties on the reflection map. The default value of the textureOrder property provided by the base effect is modified to include the reflection map as a final texturing stage; your application can modify the value of that property to change the order in which texturing occurs.

The reflection map effect is calculated in accordance to section 2.11.4 of the OpenGL 2.1 specification GL_REFLECTION_MAP glTexGen() mode. It requires a cube map texture to define the enclosing envelope from which to reflection map the scene.


Preparing the Reflection Effect

func prepareToDraw()

Prepares an effect for rendering.

Effect Properties

var textureCubeMap: GLKEffectPropertyTexture

The texture map to apply in the reflection stage.

var matrix: GLKMatrix3

The reflection matrix to apply to the normals of the submitted vertices.


Inherits From

See Also

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