A simple skybox visual effect for use in shader-based OpenGL rendering.


class GLKSkyboxEffect : NSObject


The GLKSkyboxEffect provides a standard skybox effect for your application. Unlike the GLKBaseEffect class, the skybox does not require your application to configure and submit vertex data. Instead, it creates its own vertex data based on the configuration data you supply.

At initialization time, your application first creates a compatible context and makes it current. Then, it creates new skybox effect, configures its properties, and calls its prepareToDraw() method. Binding the effect causes a shader to be compiled and bound to the current context.

At rendering time, your application calls the effect’s prepareToDraw() method to prepare the effect and then calls its draw() method to draw the sky box.


Naming the Effect

var label: String?

A string used to name your effect.

Preparing the Effect for Rendering

func prepareToDraw()

Prepares an effect for rendering.

Drawing the Skybox

func draw()

Draws the skybox.

Configuring the Skybox

var textureCubeMap: GLKEffectPropertyTexture

The texture to apply to the skybox.

var center: GLKVector3

The center of the skybox.

var xSize: GLfloat

The width of the skybox.

var ySize: GLfloat

The height of the skybox.

var zSize: GLfloat

The depth of the skybox.

Setting the Skybox Transform

var transform: GLKEffectPropertyTransform

The transform applied before drawing the skybox.


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See Also

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