Type Method


Loads a cube map texture image from a single URL and creates a new texture from the data.


class func cubeMap(withContentsOf url: URL, options: [String : NSNumber]? = nil) throws -> GLKTextureInfo



A path to the image to load.


A dictionary that describes any additional steps you want the texture loader to take when loading the texture. See Texture Loading Options.


If an error occurs, upon return contains an NSError object that describes the problem.

If you are not interested in this information, pass NULL.

Return Value

A texture info object that describes the loaded texture or nil if an error occurred.


The file is assumed to be a single image that includes the six faces of the cube map. The image’s height must be six times the width, and the images should be arranged in the following order from top to bottom: Right(+x), Left(-x), Top(+y), Bottom(-y), Front(+z), Back(-z). This coordinate system is left-handed if you think of yourself within the cube. The coordinate system is right-handed if you think of yourself outside of the cube.

Alternatively, the image can have a width that is six times the height, and arranged from left to right, but this takes additional processing to load.

This class method loads the texture into the sharegroup attached to the current context for the thread this method is called on.

See Also

Loading Cube Maps from URLs

func cubeMap(withContentsOf: URL, options: [String : NSNumber]?, queue: DispatchQueue?, completionHandler: GLKTextureLoaderCallback)

Asynchronously loads a cube map texture image from a single URL and creates a new texture from the data.