Values to be returned in an NSError when a texture loader encounters an error.


enum GLKTextureLoaderError.Code : GLuint, _ErrorCodeProtocol



case fileOrURLNotFound

A file could not be found at the path provided.

case invalidNSData

The data provided is not in a recognized image format.

case invalidCGImage

The cgImage provided was invalid.

case unknownPathType

The path type was unrecognized.

case unknownFileType

The file was in an unrecognized format.

case pvrAtlasUnsupported

Cube maps may not be compressed in PVRTC format.

case cubeMapInvalidNumFiles

The incorrect number of files were specified for the cube map.

case compressedTextureUpload

A compressed texture could not be uploaded.

case uncompressedTextureUpload

An uncompressed texture could not be uploaded.

case unsupportedCubeMapDimensions

The cube map’s dimensions are incorrect.

case unsupportedBitDepth

The data in the source image has an unsupported bit depth.

case unsupportedPVRFormat

The data in the PVRTC compressed format is in an unsupported format.

case dataPreprocessingFailure

The data could not be preprocessed correctly.

case mipmapUnsupported

The texture source data does not allow mipmaps to be generated.

case unsupportedOrientation

The texture source data is stored with an unsupported origin position.

case reorientationFailure

The texture source data does not allow the image to be reoriented.

case alphaPremultiplicationFailure

The texture source data does not allow the alpha to be premultiplied.

case invalidEAGLContext

The EAGL context was not a valid context.

case incompatibleFormatSRGB

The decoded data was in an incompatible format for an sRGB texture.