Instance Property


A Boolean value that indicates whether the view responds to messages that invalidate the view’s contents.


var enableSetNeedsDisplay: Bool { get set }


By default, a GLKView object respects the standard view drawing cycle for a UIView object, as described in UIView. However, many OpenGL ES applications need to update their contents explicitly in an animation rendering loop. When updating your contents in a rendering loop, the normal on-demand mechanism for view updates can be disabled by setting the value of this property to false. If your application uses a GLKViewController object to drive the rendering loop, the view controller automatically sets this property to false.

See Also

Drawing Your View’s Contents

var context: EAGLContext

The OpenGL ES context used when drawing the view’s contents.

func bindDrawable()

Binds the underlying framebuffer object to OpenGL ES.

func display()

Redraws the view’s contents immediately.

var snapshot: UIImage

Draws the contents of the view and returns them as a new image object.