Instance Property


The user’s daily goal for stand hours.


var appleStandHoursGoal: HKQuantity { get set }


The HKQuantity object for this property must use count units.

See Also

Accessing the Summary’s Data

var activeEnergyBurned: HKQuantity

The amount of active energy that the user has burned during the specified day.

var activeEnergyBurnedGoal: HKQuantity

The user’s daily goal for active energy burned.

var appleExerciseTime: HKQuantity

The amount of time that the user has spent exercising during the specified day.

var appleExerciseTimeGoal: HKQuantity

The user’s daily exercise goal.

var appleStandHours: HKQuantity

The number of stand hours that the user has earned during the specified day.

enum HKCategoryValueAppleStandHour

Categories used to indicate whether the user stood during the sample’s duration.

func dateComponents(for: Calendar) -> DateComponents

Date components that uniquely identify the day represented by the summary object.