Instance Property


The amount of active energy that the user has burned during the specified day.


var activeEnergyBurned: HKQuantity { get set }


The HKQuantity object for this property must use energy units.

See Also

Accessing the Summary’s Data

var activeEnergyBurnedGoal: HKQuantity

The user’s daily goal for active energy burned.

var appleExerciseTime: HKQuantity

The amount of time that the user has spent exercising during the specified day.

var appleExerciseTimeGoal: HKQuantity

The user’s daily exercise goal.

var appleStandHours: HKQuantity

The number of stand hours that the user has earned during the specified day.

var appleStandHoursGoal: HKQuantity

The user’s daily goal for stand hours.

enum HKCategoryValueAppleStandHour

Categories used to indicate whether the user stood during the sample’s duration.

func dateComponents(for: Calendar) -> DateComponents

Date components that uniquely identify the day represented by the summary object.