Activity summary types identify activity summary objects.


The HKActivitySummaryType class is a concrete subclass of the HKObjectType class. To create an activity summary type instance, use the object type’s activitySummaryType() convenience method.

You only use activity summary types to request permission to read HKActivitySummary objects from the HealthKit store. To query for activity summary objects, use an HKActivitySummaryQuery. You can also create your own HKActivitySummary objects (for example, to display in an HKActivityRingView), but you cannot save them to the HealthKit store. However, any workouts that you save to the HealthKit store may affect that day’s summary. For more information, see Filling the Rings.

Using Activity Summary Types

Like many HealthKit classes, activity summary types are not extensible and should not be subclassed.


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Type Objects

class HKCharacteristicType

Characteristic types represent data that does not typically change over time.

class HKQuantityType

Quantity types identify samples that store numerical values.

class HKCategoryType

Category types identify samples that contain a value from a small set of possible values.

class HKCorrelationType

Correlation types identify samples that group multiple subsamples.

class HKSeriesType

An identifier that indicates the type for data stored in a series sample.

class HKObjectType

The abstract superclass for all classes that identify a specific type of data when working with the HealthKit store.

class HKSampleType

An abstract superclass for all classes that identify a specific type of sample when working with the HealthKit store.