Type Property


A category sample type for low heart rate events.


static let lowHeartRateEvent: HKCategoryTypeIdentifier


The system creates lowHeartRateEvent samples whenever Apple Watch produces a low heart rate notification. For more information, see Heart rate notifications on your Apple Watch.

The low heart rate samples are read-only. Use this identifier to request permission to read these samples; however, you can’t request authorization to share them, and you can’t save new low heart rate events to the HealthKit store.

These samples have a value of HKCategoryValue.notApplicable. They also include HKMetadataKeyHeartRateEventThreshold metadata.


Metadata Keys

let HKMetadataKeyHeartRateEventThreshold: String

A key that records the threshold of high or low heart rate events in beats per minute.

See Also

Vital Signs

static let highHeartRateEvent: HKCategoryTypeIdentifier

A category sample type for high heart rate events.

static let irregularHeartRhythmEvent: HKCategoryTypeIdentifier

A category sample type for irregular heart rhythm events.