Categories used to represent the result of an ovulation home test.


enum HKCategoryValueOvulationTestResult : Int


Ovulation Test Results

case negative

The ovulation test is negative.

case luteinizingHormoneSurge

The ovulation test detected a surge in the luteinizing hormone.

case indeterminate

The ovulation test is inconclusive.

case estrogenSurge

The ovulation test detected a surge in estrogen.

static var positive: HKCategoryValueOvulationTestResult

The ovulation test is positive.


See Also

Valid Values

enum HKCategoryValue

Miscellaneous category values.

enum HKCategoryValueCervicalMucusQuality

Categories used to represent the user’s cervical mucus quality.

enum HKCategoryValueMenstrualFlow

Categories indicating the amount of menstrual flow for a given sample.

enum HKCategoryValueSleepAnalysis

Categories used when analyzing sleep samples.

enum HKCategoryValueAudioExposureEvent

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