A sample that stores a clinical record.


class HKClinicalRecord : HKSample


The clinical record stores information about a single condition, procedure, or result. While the record’s properties expose some high-level information, the fhirResource property contains the underlying data from the user’s healthcare institution.

Note that the record inherits the HKSample class’s startDate and endDate properties. However, the system does not populate these properties with information from the FHIR data; instead, the startDate and endDate reflect the time and date when the system downloaded the FHIR data to the device.


Accessing Clinical Record Data

var clinicalType: HKClinicalType

An identifier that indicates the type of record, such as an allergic reaction, a lab result, or a medical procedure.

var displayName: String

The primary display name as shown in the Health app.

var fhirResource: HKFHIRResource?

The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) data for this record.


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