Used to define the identifiers that create correlation type objects.


struct HKCorrelationTypeIdentifier


To create an HKCorrelationType instance, pass an HKCorrelationTypeIdentifier value to the correlationType(forIdentifier:) method.

For the complete list of quantity type identifiers, see Correlation Types.


Correlation Types

static let bloodPressure: HKCorrelationTypeIdentifier

Blood pressure correlation types combine a systolic sample and a diastolic sample into a single blood pressure reading.

static let food: HKCorrelationTypeIdentifier

Food correlation types combine any number of nutritional samples into a single food object.


init(rawValue: String)

Returns a newly initialized correlation type identifier using the provided string.


See Also

Creating Correlation Types

class func correlationType(forIdentifier: HKCorrelationTypeIdentifier) -> HKCorrelationType?

Returns the shared correlation type for the provided identifier.

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