A device that generates data for HealthKit.


class HKDevice : NSObject


Devices include Apple Watch, iPhone, and any other health or fitness peripherals that produce the sample data stored in HealthKit. Device objects are immutable: You set the device’s properties when you create the HKDevice object, and they cannot change.


Accessing Data About a Device

var udiDeviceIdentifier: String?

The device identifier portion of the US Food and Drug Administration’s Unique Device Identifier (UDI).

var firmwareVersion: String?

An arbitrary string representing the current version of the firmware running on the device.

var hardwareVersion: String?

An arbitrary string representing the hardware version of the device.

var localIdentifier: String?

An identifier that uniquely identifies the device object on the hardware running this code.

var manufacturer: String?

A string representing the device’s manufacturer.

var model: String?

A string representing the device’s model.

var name: String?

The user-facing name for the device.

var softwareVersion: String?

An arbitrary string representing the version of the software running on the device.


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Sources and Devices

class HKSourceRevision

An object indicating the source of a HealthKit sample.

class HKSource

An object indicating the app or device that created a HealthKit sample

class HKSourceQuery

A query that returns a list of sources (apps and devices) that have saved matching queries to the HealthKit store.

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