An object containing Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) data.


class HKFHIRResource : NSObject


Accessing FHIR Data

var identifier: String

The value from the FHIR resource’s id field.

var resourceType: HKFHIRResourceType

The value from the FHIR resource’s resourceType field.

struct HKFHIRResourceType

The FHIR resource types supported in HealthKit.

var sourceURL: URL?

The full URL for the source of the FHIR resource.

var data: Data

The JSON representation of the FHIR resource.


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See Also

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class HKClinicalRecord

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class HKCDADocumentSample

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class HKDocumentSample

An abstract class that represents a health document in the HealthKit store.

static let CDA: HKDocumentTypeIdentifier

The CDA Document type identifier, used when requesting permission to read or share CDA documents.

class HKDocumentType

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