Categories representing the user’s skin type based on the Fitzpatrick scale.


enum HKFitzpatrickSkinType : Int


The Fitzpatrick scale is a numerical classification for skin color based on the skins response to sun exposure in terms of the degree of burning and tanning.



case notSet

Either the user’s skin type is not set, or the user has not granted your app permission to read the skin type.

case I

Pale white skin that always burns easily in the sun and never tans.

case II

White skin that burns easily and tans minimally.

case III

White to light brown skin that burns moderately and tans uniformly.

case IV

Beige-olive, lightly tanned skin that burns minimally and tans moderately.

case V

Brown skin that rarely burns and tans profusely.

case VI

Dark brown to black skin that never burns and tans profusely.

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Possible Values

class HKFitzpatrickSkinTypeObject

This class acts as a wrapper for the HKFitzpatrickSkinType enumeration.