Instance Method


Disables background deliveries of update notifications for the specified data type.


- (void)disableBackgroundDeliveryForType:(HKObjectType *)type withCompletion:(void (^)(BOOL success, NSError *error))completion;



The type of data. This object can be any concrete subclass of the HKObjectType class (any of the classes HKCharacteristicType , HKQuantityType, HKCategoryType, HKWorkoutType or HKCorrelationType).


A block that this method calls as soon as the background delivery is disabled. This block is passed the following parameters:


A Boolean value. This parameter contains YES if the background delivery was successfully disabled; otherwise, NO.


An error object. If an error occurred, this object contains information about the error; otherwise, it is set to nil.


Call this method to prevent your app from receiving any additional update notifications about the specified data type while in the background. This method operates asynchronously. As soon as the background delivery is disabled, this method calls its completion handler on a background queue.

See Also

Managing Background Delivery

- enableBackgroundDeliveryForType:frequency:withCompletion:

Enables the background delivery of updates.


Constants that determine how often the system will launch your app in response to changes to HealthKit data.

- disableAllBackgroundDeliveryWithCompletion:

Disables all background deliveries of update notifications.