A sample that represents a series of heartbeats.


class HKHeartbeatSeriesSample : HKSeriesSample


Use a HKHeartbeatSeriesQuery to access the underlying heartbeat data.

The HKHeartbeatSeriesSample class is a subclass of the HKSeriesSample class. These samples are immutable; you set the sample’s properties when you build them, and they cannot change.

Extend Heartbeat Samples

Like many HealthKit classes, you should not subclass the HKHeartbeatSeriesSample class. You may extend this class by adding metadata with custom keys to save related data used by your app.

For more information, see addMetadata(_:completion:).


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Series Data

class HKQuantitySeriesSampleBuilder

A builder object for incrementally building a sample that contains multiple quantities.

class HKHeartbeatSeriesBuilder

A builder object for incrementally building a heartbeat series.