Global Variable


A key that indicates the relative timing of a blood glucose reading to a meal.


let HKMetadataKeyBloodGlucoseMealTime: String


Set this key on a bloodGlucose sample. Set it's value to an NSNumber object containing a HKBloodGlucoseMealTime value.Medical professionals can use the relative meal time to help determine the acceptable range for a blood glucose reading. If your app requires more precise timing or additional information about the meal's composition, create samples to record those details (for example, a dietaryCarbohydrates sample with the exact meal time).


Valid Values

enum HKBloodGlucoseMealTime

Constants indicating the timing of a blood glucose sample relative to a meal.

See Also

Blood Glucose Keys

let HKMetadataKeyInsulinDeliveryReason: String

The medical reason for administering insulin.