Global Variable


A unique string that identifies a piece of data so it can be updated and synced.


let HKMetadataKeySyncIdentifier: String


This key takes a string value. If you add this key to an object’s metadata, you must also add the HKMetadataKeySyncVersion key.

When you save an HKObject with a sync identifier, the system looks for any existing objects with the same sync identifier. If it finds a match, the system compares the objects' HKMetadataKeySyncVersion values. If the new object has a greater sync version, the system replaces the old object with the new one. If the old object is associated with a workout or part of a correlation, the system also replaces the old object in the workout or correlation.

See Also

Sync Keys

let HKMetadataKeySyncVersion: String

The version number for a piece of data, used when updating or syncing.