Type Method


Returns the shared characteristic type for the provided identifier.


class func characteristicType(forIdentifier identifier: HKCharacteristicTypeIdentifier) -> HKCharacteristicType?



A characteristic type identifier. For a list of valid identifiers, see HKCharacteristicTypeIdentifier.

Return Value

The shared HKCharacteristicType instance based on the provided identifier.


This method returns an instance of the HKCharacteristicType concrete subclass. Characteristic types represent data that doesn’t typically change over time. Unlike the other object types, characteristic types cannot be used to create new HealthKit objects. Instead, users must enter and edit their characteristic data using the Health app. Characteristic types are used only when asking for permission to read data from the HealthKit store.

See Also

Creating Characteristic Types

struct HKCharacteristicTypeIdentifier

Used to define the identifiers that create characteristic type objects.