A HealthKit sample represents a piece of data associated with a start and end time.


class HKSample : HKObject


The HKSample class is an abstract class. You should never instantiate a HKSample object directly. Instead, you always work with one of its concrete subclasses: HKCategorySample, HKQuantitySample, HKCorrelation, or HKWorkout classes.

HealthKit samples are all immutable: You set the sample’s properties when you create it, and they cannot change.

If the sample represents data over a duration, the start time must be earlier than the end time. If the sample represents data at a particular instant, the start and end times can be the same.


Accessing the Sample’s Data

var startDate: Date

The sample’s start date.

var endDate: Date

The sample’s end date.

Sort Identifiers

let HKSampleSortIdentifierStartDate: String

A constant for sorting samples based on their start date.

let HKSampleSortIdentifierEndDate: String

A constant for sorting samples based on their end date.

Predicate Key Paths

let HKPredicateKeyPathStartDate: String

The key path for the sample’s start date.

let HKPredicateKeyPathEndDate: String

The key path for the sample’s end date.


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Abstract Superclasses

class HKQuantitySample

A sample that represents a quantity, including the value and the units.

class HKObject

A piece of data that can be stored inside the HealthKit store.

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