An abstract base class for building series samples.


class HKSeriesBuilder : NSObject


Never instantiate HKSeriesBuilder objects directly. Instead, user one of the concrete subclasses (for example, the HKWorkoutRouteBuilder class).


Managing Series Generation

func discard()

Invalidates the builder and discards the collected data.


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See Also

Route Data

Creating a Workout Route

Record the user’s route during a workout.

Reading Route Data

Access the user’s route for a workout.

class HKWorkoutRouteBuilder

A builder object that incrementally constructs a workout route.

class HKWorkoutRoute

A sample that contains a workout’s route data.

class HKWorkoutRouteQuery

A query to access the location data stored in a workout route.

let HKWorkoutRouteTypeIdentifier: String

A series sample containing location data that defines the route the user took during a workout.

class HKSeriesSample

An abstract base class that defines samples that contain a series of items.