An object indicating the source of a HealthKit sample.


class HKSourceRevision : NSObject


The HKSourceRevision class acts as a wrapper for the HKSource class, adding information about the source's version, operating system, and product type.

Source revision objects are immutable: you set the source revision’s properties when you create the object, and they cannot change.

When an HKObject instance is created, its sourceRevision property is set to nil. When the object is saved to the HealthKit store, HealthKit assigns a new source revision to the object’s sourceRevision property. The source revision can be accessed only on objects retrieved from the HealthKit store.

Subclassing Source Revisions

Like many HealthKit classes, the HKSourceRevision class is not extensible and should not be subclassed.


Creating Source Revision Objects

init(source: HKSource, version: String?)

Initializes a new source revision object with the provided source and version information.

init(source: HKSource, version: String?, productType: String?, operatingSystemVersion: OperatingSystemVersion)

Initializes a new source revision object with the provided source, version, product type, and operating system.

Accessing Source and Version Information

var source: HKSource

The source for a sample.

var version: String?

A string that identifies a particular version of the source.

var operatingSystemVersion: OperatingSystemVersion

A string that identifies the operating system used to save a sample.

var productType: String?

A string that identifies the device used to save a sample.


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See Also

Sources and Devices

class HKSource

An object indicating the app or device that created a HealthKit sample

class HKDevice

A device that generates data for HealthKit.

class HKSourceQuery

A query that returns a list of sources, such as apps and devices, that have saved matching queries to the HealthKit store.