Enumeration Case


The constant for playing fitness-based video games.


case fitnessGaming = 76

See Also

Exercise and Fitness

case preparationAndRecovery

The constant for warm-up, cool down, and therapeutic activities like foam rolling and stretching.

case flexibility

The constant for a flexibility workout.

case walking

The constant for walking.

case running

The constant for running and jogging.

case wheelchairWalkPace

The constant for a wheelchair workout at walking pace.

case wheelchairRunPace

The constant for wheelchair workout at running pace.

case cycling

The constant for cycling.

case handCycling

The constant for hand cycling.

case coreTraining

The constant for core training.

case elliptical

The constant for workouts on an elliptical machine.

case functionalStrengthTraining

The constant for strength training, primarily with free weights and body weight.

case traditionalStrengthTraining

The constant for strength training exercises primarily using machines or free weights.

case crossTraining

The constant for exercise that includes any mixture of cardio, strength, and/or flexibility training.

case mixedCardio

The constant for workouts that mix a variety of cardio exercise machines or modalities.

case highIntensityIntervalTraining

The constant for high intensity interval training.

case jumpRope

The constant for jumping rope.

case stairClimbing

The constant for workouts using a stair climbing machine.

case stairs

The constant for running, walking, or other drills using stairs (for example, in a stadium or inside a multilevel building)

case stepTraining

The constant for training using a step bench.

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