A builder object that incrementally constructs a workout route.


class HKWorkoutRouteBuilder : HKSeriesBuilder


To create a workout route, instantiate a HKWorkoutRouteBuilder, and provide it with location data throughout the workout. After the workout ends, call the builder’s finishRoute(with:metadata:completion:) method to construct the route. For detailed instructions, see Creating a Workout Route.


Creating the Builder

init(healthStore: HKHealthStore, device: HKDevice?)

Creates and returns a new workout route builder.


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See Also

Route Data

Creating a Workout Route

Record the user’s route during a workout.

Reading Route Data

Access the user’s route for a workout.

class HKWorkoutRoute

A sample that contains a workout’s route data.

class HKWorkoutRouteQuery

A query to access the location data stored in a workout route.

let HKWorkoutRouteTypeIdentifier: String

A series sample containing location data that defines the route the user took during a workout.

class HKSeriesBuilder

An abstract base class for building series samples.

class HKSeriesSample

An abstract base class that defines samples that contain a series of items.

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