A network browser used to discover new accessories.


class HMAccessoryBrowser : NSObject


Discovering new network accessories is an expensive operation in terms of time and power. You should only start searching for new accessories when the user explicitly asks to do so, and you should stop searching as soon as the user has chosen the new accessories to add to their home.


Discovering Accessories

var discoveredAccessories: [HMAccessory]

Array of accessories discovered during a search.

func startSearchingForNewAccessories()

Starts searching for accessories not yet associated with a home.

func stopSearchingForNewAccessories()

Stops searching for new accessories.

Getting and Setting the Delegate

var delegate: HMAccessoryBrowserDelegate?

Delegate that receives updates on the discovered accessories.


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Discovery and Basic Setup

protocol HMAccessoryBrowserDelegate

A set of methods used to notify an accessory browser delegate of new accessories.

class HMAccessory

A home automation accessory in the home, such as a garage door opener or a thermostat.

class HMAccessoryProfile

A profile implemented by an accessory.

protocol HMAccessoryDelegate

A set of methods that defines the communication method for state updates from accessories to their delegates.

class HMAccessoryCategory

The primary category for a HomeKit accessory.