A set of methods used to notify an accessory browser delegate of new accessories.


protocol HMAccessoryBrowserDelegate


HomeKit invokes delegate methods to notify your app of changes to the state of the home network. In general, if your app invokes a HomeKit method with a completion handler parameter and the method is successful, the associated delegate message is sent to other HomeKit apps running on the same or remote iOS devices. If your app initiates the change, the delegate message is not sent to your app, so you should add code to both the completion handler and the associated delegate method to reload data and update views as needed. To learn more about how HomeKit uses the delegation design pattern, read About HomeKit Delegation Methods.


Tracking New Accessories

func accessoryBrowser(HMAccessoryBrowser, didFindNewAccessory: HMAccessory)

Informs the delegate that a new accessory has been discovered.

func accessoryBrowser(HMAccessoryBrowser, didRemoveNewAccessory: HMAccessory)

Informs the delegate that a new accessory is no longer available in the browser.


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Discovery and Basic Setup

class HMAccessoryBrowser

A network browser used to discover new accessories.

class HMAccessory

A home automation accessory in the home, such as a garage door opener or a thermostat.

class HMAccessoryProfile

A profile implemented by an accessory.

protocol HMAccessoryDelegate

A set of methods that defines the communication method for state updates from accessories to their delegates.

class HMAccessoryCategory

The primary category for a HomeKit accessory.