Authentication data that your app provides when adding an accessory to a home.


@interface HMAccessoryOwnershipToken : NSObject


If you manufacture an accessory that requires user authentication to add the accessory to a home, manage the authentication in your app and produce a token that represents the successful outcome of that process. Wrap the token data in an HMAccessoryOwnershipToken instance and call the initWithURL:ownershipToken: method to create an authenticated HMAccessorySetupPayload instance. Then call the addAndSetupAccessoriesWithPayload:completionHandler: method with the payload.

If the user attempts from the Home app to add an accessory that requires a token, the Home app calls the associated app’s homeManager:didReceiveAddAccessoryRequest: home manager delegate method to perform the negotiation and provide the token.


Creating a Token

- initWithData:

Creates an ownership token from data.


Inherits From

See Also

Creating a Payload

- initWithURL:

Creates an accessory setup payload.

- initWithURL:ownershipToken:

Creates an accessory setup payload instance that includes an ownership token.