Action Set Types

The types of action sets that you can define.


Built-in Types

let HMActionSetTypeHomeArrival: String

Specifies the HomeArrival built-in action set.

let HMActionSetTypeHomeDeparture: String

Specifies the HomeDeparture built-in action set.

let HMActionSetTypeSleep: String

Specifies the Sleep built-in action set.

let HMActionSetTypeWakeUp: String

Specifies the WakeUp built-in action set.

User Defined Types

let HMActionSetTypeUserDefined: String

Specifies a user-defined action set.

Trigger Owned Types

let HMActionSetTypeTriggerOwned: String

Specifies a trigger-owned action set.

See Also

Specifying a Type

var actionSetType: String

The type of the action set, such as built-in or user-defined.