A camera profile that interacts with an accessory's camera.


class HMCameraProfile : HMAccessoryProfile


Each profile control is optional, because an individual camera vendor may not support all of the features defined by the HomeKit camera specifications.


Controlling Camera Settings

var settingsControl: HMCameraSettingsControl?

Controls the settings on the camera.

class HMCameraSettingsControl

An object that represents the ability to control a camera's settings.

class HMCameraControl

An abstract class that represents a camera control.

Playing Audio

var microphoneControl: HMCameraAudioControl?

Controls the microphone settings on the camera.

var speakerControl: HMCameraAudioControl?

Controls the speaker settings on the camera.

class HMCameraAudioControl

An object that controls a camera's audio settings.


class HMCameraStreamControl

An object that can start and stop the camera stream and contains the view into which the stream is rendered.

Capturing Snapshots

var snapshotControl: HMCameraSnapshotControl?

Controls the camera's snapshot function.

class HMCameraSnapshotControl

An object that can take an image snapshot from a camera.


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Managing Camera Profiles

var cameraProfiles: [HMCameraProfile]?

An array of camera profiles implemented by the accessory.

class HMCameraView

The view into which a video stream or an image snapshot is rendered.