Instance Property


The units of the characteristic value.


var units: String? { get }


The units property tells you how to use the corresponding characteristic’s value in calculations or how to format it for presentation. For example, you can extend the HMCharacteristic class with a computed property that returns the appropriate symbol to accompany the value in printed output:

extension HMCharacteristic {
    var symbol: String {
        guard let units = metadata?.units else { return "" }

        switch units {
        case HMCharacteristicMetadataUnitsPercentage:              return "%"
        case HMCharacteristicMetadataUnitsPartsPerMillion:         return "ppm"
        case HMCharacteristicMetadataUnitsCelsius:                 return "°C"
        case HMCharacteristicMetadataUnitsFahrenheit:              return "°F"
        case HMCharacteristicMetadataUnitsSeconds:                 return "s"
        case HMCharacteristicMetadataUnitsLux:                     return "lx"
        case HMCharacteristicMetadataUnitsMicrogramsPerCubicMeter: return "μg/m³"
        case HMCharacteristicMetadataUnitsArcDegree:               return "°"
        default:                                                   return ""

See Characteristic Units for the complete list of possible units.

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