Metadata that describes a characteristic’s value and that may be useful for presentation purposes.


class HMCharacteristicMetadata : NSObject


Querying a characteristic’s metadata enables you to build a user interface that reflects the underlying units, minima, and maxima, and other aspects of the characteristic value.


Describing a Characteristic

var manufacturerDescription: String?

A description of the characteristic provided by the accessory manufacturer.

Bounding the Value

var validValues: [NSNumber]?

The subset of valid values supported by the characteristic when the format is of type unsigned integer.

var minimumValue: NSNumber?

The minimum value for the characteristic.

var maximumValue: NSNumber?

The maximum value for the characteristic.

var stepValue: NSNumber?

The minimum interval between values for the characteristic.

var maxLength: NSNumber?

The maximum number of UTF-8 characters allowed in a characteristic that uses a string format.

Formatting the Value

var format: String?

The format of the values for the characteristic.

Characteristic Data Formats

Constants for identifying the data format of characteristic values.

Specifying Units

var units: String?

The units of the characteristic value.

Characteristic Units

Descriptions of the units of a characteristic.


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Managing Characteristic Presentation

var metadata: HMCharacteristicMetadata?

Metadata about the units and other properties of the characteristic.