Global Variable


The software version of the accessory.


let HMCharacteristicTypeSoftwareVersion: String


The corresponding value is a string.

See Also

Accessory Identification

let HMCharacteristicTypeName: String

The name of the accessory.

let HMCharacteristicTypeIdentify: String

A control you can use to ask the accessory to identify itself.

let HMCharacteristicTypeVersion: String

The version of the accessory.

let HMCharacteristicTypeLogs: String

Log data for the accessory.

let HMCharacteristicTypeAdminOnlyAccess: String

An indicator of whether the accessory accepts only administrator access.

let HMCharacteristicTypeHardwareVersion: String

The hardware version of the accessory.

let HMCharacteristicTypeLabelIndex: String

The index of the label for the service on an accessory with multiple instances of the same service.

let HMCharacteristicTypeLabelNamespace: String

The naming schema used to label the services on an accessory with multiple services of the same type.