Global Variable


The target state for the locking mechanism.


let HMCharacteristicTypeTargetLockMechanismState: String


The corresponding value is one of the constants in the HMCharacteristicValueLockMechanismState enumeration.



enum HMCharacteristicValueLockMechanismState

Possible values for the state of a lock mechanism.

See Also

Locks and Openers

let HMCharacteristicTypeLockManagementAutoSecureTimeout: String

The automatic timeout for a lockable accessory that supports automatic lockout.

let HMCharacteristicTypeLockManagementControlPoint: String

A control that accepts vendor-specific actions for lock management.

let HMCharacteristicTypeLockMechanismLastKnownAction: String

The last known action of the locking mechanism.

let HMCharacteristicTypeLockPhysicalControls: String

The lock’s physical control state.

let HMCharacteristicTypeMotionDetected: String

An indicator of whether the accessory has detected motion.

let HMCharacteristicTypeCurrentLockMechanismState: String

The current state of the locking mechanism.