Instance Method


Finds and adds nearby accessories to the home.


- (void)addAndSetupAccessoriesWithCompletionHandler:(void (^)(NSError *error))completion;



The block executed after the request is processed.


nil on success; otherwise, error object indicating the reason for failure.


This method launches an interactive process that first asks the user to provide a HomeKit code for the accessories—for example, by scanning an 8-digit code, by scanning the QR code, wirelessly by holding an iPhone next to the device, or by manually entering the HomeKit code. The process then asks the user to configure the accessory’s services, naming them and placing them in rooms.

See Also

Managing Accessories


The collection of accessories that are part of the home.

- addAndSetupAccessoriesWithPayload:completionHandler:

Finds and adds nearby accessories to the home using a HomeKit code provided by your app.

- addAccessory:completionHandler:

Adds a new accessory to the home.

- assignAccessory:toRoom:completionHandler:

Assigns an accessory to a different room.

- removeAccessory:completionHandler:

Removes an accessory from the home.

- unblockAccessory:completionHandler:

Unblocks a blocked accessory.


A home automation accessory, like a garage door opener or a thermostat.