The manager for a collection of one or more homes.


class HMHomeManager : NSObject


Use the home manager to add homes, get the list of homes, and track changes to homes with the home manager’s delegate.


Managing Homes

var primaryHome: HMHome?

The primary home managed by this home manager.

var homes: [HMHome]

An array of all homes managed by this home manager.

func updatePrimaryHome(HMHome, completionHandler: (Error?) -> Void)

Update the primary home of this home manager.

Setting and Getting the Delegate

var delegate: HMHomeManagerDelegate?

Delegate that receives updates on the collection of homes.

protocol HMHomeManagerDelegate

A set of methods that helps a home manager object communicate changes to its delegate.


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Home Setup

class HMHome

A home and its accessories.

class HMUser

A person in the home who may have access to control accessories and services in the home.

class HMHomeAccessControl

The access privileges of a user associated with a home.

class HMAccessControl

An abstract superclass for accessing user privileges.

HomeKit Entitlement

A Boolean value that indicates whether users of the app may manage HomeKit-compatible accessories.