The manager for a collection of one or more homes.


Use the home manager to add homes, get the list of homes, and track changes to homes with the home manager’s delegate.


Managing Homes

var primaryHome: HMHome?

The primary home managed by this home manager.

var homes: [HMHome]

An array of all homes managed by this home manager.

func updatePrimaryHome(HMHome, completionHandler: (Error?) -> Void)

Update the primary home of this home manager.

Setting and Getting the Delegate

var delegate: HMHomeManagerDelegate?

Delegate that receives updates on the collection of homes.

protocol HMHomeManagerDelegate

A set of methods that helps a home manager object communicate changes to its delegate.


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Home Setup

class HMHome

A home and its accessories.

class HMUser

A person in the home who may have access to control accessories and services in the home.

class HMHomeAccessControl

The access privileges of a user associated with a home.

class HMAccessControl

An abstract superclass for accessing user privileges.