Instance Property


The current state of the app’s access to home data.


@property(readonly) HMHomeManagerAuthorizationStatus authorizationStatus;


The first time your app uses the HomeKit framework—typically, when you create a HMHomeManager instance—the system automatically prompts the user for permission to access home data. You don’t make an explicit request for access, but you can modify the behavior of your app based on the current authorization status. For example, if your app lacks access to home data, you might omit certain features from your UI.

The authorizationStatus property contains a bit field that indicates the current authorization status. Your app has home data authorization only when the HMHomeManagerAuthorizationStatusAuthorized bit is present:

if myHomeManager.authorizationStatus.contains(.authorized) {
    // The app is authorized to access home data.

Users can revoke permission at any time in the Settings app, so your app should always be prepared to handle errors caused by lack of access.

For more information about gaining authorization to access home data, see Enabling HomeKit in Your App.

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